Activities Listing

Konstantinos Efraimidis - All Jazzed Up!
Our clarinet and saxophone teacher Konstantinos Efraimidis gave his Senior Recital on Monday 13th May as part of his B.A in Music, Jazz Performance
Olympia Maria Koutentaki 2Y participating in the CTY Summer Programme in Dublin.
In December, The English School were pleased to host the CTY  (Centre for Talented Youth) teaser and exams.
More Great News
Our student Danae Xanthi (5G) is the winner of the competition organised by the British High Commission: British High Commissioner for the day.
Year 1 Educational Trip 2019
One of our targets as a Pastoral team is to raise students’ awareness of the importance of intercultural dialogue and to strengthen their respect for diversity.  
Meet The English School's new "Hope for Children" Student Ambassadors.
Eleven students from Year 2 and 3 have been meeting every Wednesday for the "Hope for Children" CRC Campus Club. 
Junior Achievement Bi-communal Innovation Camp
We would like to congratulate  Ulfet Basri, Year 5, who was on the winning team of the one day  Junior Achievement Bicommunal Innovation Camp that took place in January this year.
Visit from the University of Southampton
‚ÄčOn the 17th of April, we welcomed Prof Malcolm Coe from the University of Southampton to give a taster lecture to our Physics students.
Resonance experiment
Ending the term with a smash! 
Final ‚ÄčNicosia Junior Girls athletics results
Our students participated at the Nicosia Athletics Competition in March. 
The final results were communicated and can be found below.  Well done to all our athletes and Congratulations to Athena Peletie, Nicol Constantinidou and Katerina Panayi for qualifying for the Pan-Cyprians competition.
Founder's Day Games
On Sunday 7th April at 10:30 am at the school’s sports grounds we had the Annual Founder's Day Game followed by a BBQ organised by ESPA. 
Our students accepted in some impressive summer programs
We would like to share some really good news.  Three of our amazing Year 5 Global Perspectives students have been accepted in some impressive summer programs. 
Greek Creative Writing Club
Five of our Year 3 students participated in the Creative Writing Poetry Conference held on Friday and Saturday 12th and 13th April at Lefkara. 
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