Activities Listing

Plant a Tree, Plant a new Life
Year 6 participated in a tree-planting activity which gave them the chance to go outside in the fresh air, bond with their year group and have a few laughs.
Mathematics District Competition Resutls
The Mathematics Department would like to congratulate the following students who excelled in the Mathematics District Competition
34th Physics Olympiad
We are very proud of our year 7 students Charalampos Zacharia and Christos Falas.
Crafts, Sculpting and 3D Creation club
Every Monday, our Year 3 students are very busy in the art room.
​J’aime le francais
Students in year 2 French showed their creative skills.
Global Perspective Students initiative - Together, we can make a difference!
The Global Perspectives diaper collection for the local organisation Caritas was a success, as you can see in the picture as the number of diapers didn’t fit in a large car trunk.
We did it! – Pancyprian Cleaning Campaign
The EcoSchool Club participated in the Pancyprian Cleaning Campaign organised on Sunday 1st November at 10 am.
When I Had The Chance

We couldn’t be prouder of our talented graduates Paschalis Kontopyrgos and Constantinos Lyras (ESL 19) who have collaborated to release their first music single.  With the help of Maria Photiou (ESL 19) on vocals, their beautiful song ‘ When I Had The Chance’ is now available on all streaming platforms.

Activities now fully loaded
Our ECA got off to an enthusiastic start with students from all year groups finding creative solutions to be in line with the current measures.
Staycation - Winners
Congratulations to the three winning entries of the "Staycation" Photography competition 2020
World Space Week 2020
Between October 4th and 10th our students participated and celebrated World Space Week in safe and exciting ways.  This year’s theme was “How satellites improve life” and Astronomy Club members, Ioannis Christou 2J, Dimitriana Tsali 3J and Ara Mahdessian 3W prepared an informative video about what World Space Week is and how satellites are used in everyday life.  It was played to all the students of the school during registration.
NASA Space Apps 2020 Success
NASA SpaceApps is the biggest global hackathon in the world, and it is with great pleasure that we announce that 2 English School teams have achieved something amazing and have won 1st place and runners up in the local round.  This means that they will compete in the Global Finals.   
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