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News from our Table Tennis Club
​Second meeting of the Table Tennis Club. Many thanks to our coach Mr Polys. 
A peak at PSHCE Year 7 Lesson
Year 7 PSHCE students get to grips with self-defense under the guidance of top martial arts expert.

Astronomy Club Charity Bake Sale
We are pleased to announce that the Charity Bake Sale on Friday 12th October raised a total of 579 euros. 
Coming together
Wecare Wehelp Team, are working together to give hope to Zacharias.
Junior MLD MasterChef Event
On Friday 5th October, teachers and students of year 3 French, Spanish and German came together to celebrate European Languages Day.
A special visit

How often do Cypriots visit Hawaii? Rarely
How often do Hawaiians visit Cyprus? Tough question..

Boys and Girls 3 on 3 Basketball Success
Our Boys and Girls 3 on 3 Basketball Teams participated in the Nicosia Private Schools Tournament on Friday 12th October 2018.  
Year 6 Parents' Evening
Last Tuesday, 2nd October, Year 6 parents were offered advice and information on the challenges and expectations of the senior years at the School.
The English School Modern Biathlon Team - 3rd Place in the Pancyprian Competition
Congratulations to The English School Biathlon Team that won 3rd place in the Pancyprian Competition that took place at Governor’s Beach on 9th October 2018. 
Year 2 PSHCE Lessons
Our Year 2 PSHCE students have been very busy. 
The school Erasmus+ team 2018-2020 Our Rights All right! At the airport last night 07th October 2018.
Our Erasmus+ team are on their way to Helsinki , Finland where the first of six partner meetings will be taking place throughout this week,our year 2 students Sherife Su, Valeria Artemis, Elina , Alice and Lian accompanied by Mrs Carol Syrimis and Mr Kamil Kutoglu .
Commemoration for the Independence of Cyprus
Well done to our student leaders, Nayialena and Michalis, for organising and leading this year’s Commemoration for the Independence of Cyprus.
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