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Year 4 Assembly, 22nd January 2018
Year 6 English School Students did a presentation to a Year 4 Assembly today about the CFP Programme, sharing their experiences of a month’s stay in the USA last summer in the home of an American host family, learning about peace-building, communication and leadership. 
Year 3 Assembly, 22nd January 2018
Following up from their last assembly in December, Year 3 attended a presentation by their Head of Year, Dr Eva Polyviou on the theme of Refugees in Cyprus
Year 1 and Year 2 Assembly – Raising awareness about Respect, Friendship and the Overall Wellbeing of Students.
Awareness has been raised among Year 1 and Year 2 students via a relevant presentation by Ms Kiliari, in their first assemblies of the New Year.
2 Jade Christmas Initiative
As part of our schools Christmas activities the School orchestra, form group 2 Jade together with their teachers Ms Leoni Hadjithoma and Ms Maria Pericleous visited the Nicosia Special Needs School on Wednesday 20th December.
WeCare WeHelp Christmas Initiative
On Wednesday, 20th December 2017,  members of The English School We Care We Help Club along with their three teachers in charge (Niki Melanidou, Andrie Constantinou, Maria Pericleous) went to "MICROPOLIS Supermarket" and bought groceries to help six families who are less fortunate over the Christmas Holidays. 
2 Yellow Christmas initiative
The students of 2 Yellow, in the true spirit of Christmas, delivered blankets to the sick children at Makarios hospital on the last day of term.  
Animal Awareness Club at the Christmas Bazaar organised by the Student Leaders.
According to research conducted by J.-D. Vigne, the oldest example of a domesticated cat may be found in Cyprus.
Christmas Concert 2017
On the 18th December 2017, the doors opened at 8pm to a very impressive production featuring around 150 students from all year groups. Students from the junior and Senior Choir, orchestra, Band and drama club shared music and holiday cheer with a packed audience of parents and friends. 
PSHCE lessons
We were honoured to have Dr. Athanassiou (old boy) and Dr. Vassiliou at our school presenting to our Year 6 students
Year 2 Christmas Assembly
Our Year 2 students attended their last assembly for the term on Thursday 14th December with the theme: Can we make anyone’s wish/dream come true this Christmas?
Fantastic news from our Basketball Senior Girls Team
On the 18th December our Basketball Senior Girls team made us once again proud beating the Texniki Sxoli 52-20
Year 3 Christmas Assembly
The students attended a presentation by the Head of Year 3 on the theme of Christmas around the world. 
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