Transit of Mercury

12 Nov. 2019

Transit of mercury
Transit of mercury
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We were treated to a rare astronomical event on Monday when the planet Mercury passed across the face of the Sun.  

A transit of Mercury is so rare because it only occurs when the Sun, Mercury and Earth line up in 3 dimensions.  At 14.30 we gathered and observed the blank, sun spotless disc of our nearest star through our safely filtered telescopes. Excitement grew as the time approached 14.35, and a loud cheer erupted when Stelios on the Dob and Petros on the Coronado announced they spotted the small dark silhouette of Mercury appear at the Sun’s edge. We all got the chance to look at it and observe Mercury’s progress for a long time until the sun started to set.  All to the background of Astronomy, Physics and Maths discussions. The next time the transit of Mercury happens is 2032!

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