​Dior, j’adore!

08 Nov. 2018

​Dior, j’adore!
​Dior, j’adore!
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Tiffany Ioannides, 7R shares her experience of attending a conference on the world renowned designer Christian Dior.  Read below what she had to say. 

My A level French course has given me many opportunities to attend cultural events which have explicitly developed my understanding of France’s history. In October I was offered the chance to attend a conference on the world renowned designer Christian Dior, given by Philippe Le Moult the secretary general of the Christian Dior museum at the residence of the French ambassador his Excellency M. Rene Troccaz. This event was very valuable to me as it offered me the chance to expand my cultural knowledge but was also beneficial to me in a more direct educational sense as it interlinked with my A level course. I am thankful both to the French institute in Cyprus and The English School French department for taking the time and care to provide enjoyable extracurricular opportunities to students.  

Tiffany Ioannides 7R

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