10 Feb. 2017

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From the 29th of January to the 4th of February a group of 13 students, including myself, accompanied by Ms. Jamgochian and Mr. Tsingos travelled to the Hague, Netherlands to participate in THIMUN. 

As a school, we were the delegation of Kuwait and had the opportunity to debate, following the procedure of the United Nations to the letter, with people from all over the world representing all types of countries. The debate was fruitful, yet extremely challenging to all of us who managed to improve our public speaking and debating skills.

Aside from the conference itself, it was an amazing week as we took the streets of the Hague and made them our own, making friends and experiences almost everywhere. A group of 13 students who did have some bonds joining them prior to the trip, whose bonds were enhanced and became a family which will stay in our minds as the people we spent one of the best weeks ever with.

Aris Messios
6 Green

THIMUN '17 the delegation of Kuwait!
Always an incredible experience even for the 10th time! - Ms. S. Jamgochian.



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