Solar Monday 3rd Feb 2020

07 Feb. 2020

Solar Monday 3rd Feb 2020
Solar Monday 3rd Feb 2020
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The Sun is our closest star, as we rotate around it every year, it transfers energy to us, enabling life on our planet to flourish.  It is massive compared to our planet 1.3 million Earths can fit inside the sun.

You must never look directly at the sun. It can only be observed safely using special filters, and it was our pleasure on Monday 3rd Feb to welcome amateur astronomer Mr Kountouris to the school with his Lundt solar scope. This telescope contains an h-alpha filter which allows observations of prominences and filaments on the disc of the sun. The Junior Astronomy Club and Hungry for Science Club had the opportunity to observe these features in-depth through this telescope safely.  

We want to thank Mr Kountouris for his time.

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