What have our Year 6 students doing in their PSHCE Lesson?

19 Dec. 2018

SoAE - School of Automotive Engineering
SoAE - School of Automotive Engineering
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Our Year 6 students were introduced to several principles regarding a car’s basic operations in addition to safe driving.

Through short presentations and hands-on practice our students learned important tips that will prepare them to be sensible and safe drivers. They had the opportunity to pass through different stations such as:
1. Tyre safety - correct pressure and wear indications
2. Car fluids - correct inspection and filling of all fluids in the engine bay
3. Tyre changing - How to change a tyre correctly
4. Light checking. - How to check all the external car lighting
5. Seat belt / Airbag - Essential information regarding airbag and safety belt operation
6. Check lights - What do the instrument lights mean
7. Diagnosis - Demonstration of how to use a diagnostic tool to see car faults
We would like to thank the teachers and students from the School of Automotive and Engineering for sharing their expertise with our students. 

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