Senior Debating society held their Grand Final event

08 Apr. 2019

Senior Debating Society - Grand Final
Senior Debating Society - Grand Final
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​On Friday 5th April, the Senior Debating society held their Grand Final for the first time in front of a public audience. The event was sponsored by KPMG who generously offered an internship with their company for the two top debaters. 

The event was hosted and co-ordinated by the two Presidents of the club: Rachelle Alpay and James Lucas Irwin with a very relevant keynote speech on the value of public speaking within today's society by a representative from KPMG, followed by  an example of an impromptu speech by Androniki Charalambous (Year 6) and an interpretive reading from Dimetra Asvesta (Year 4).

The motion was 'This House believes that humanity has done more harm than good' debated for onside proposition by Eros Nicolaou (Year 7) and Leonie Kallis (Year 6); and for the opposition Maria Pavlou (Year 7) and Michael Hadjivasiliou (Year 6).

After a very closely fought and engaging debate the results were as follows:

1st place: Leonie Kallis
2nd place: Eros Nicolaou
Joint 3rd: Maria Pavlou and Michael Hadjivsiliou

Many, many congratulations to you all!

A special thank you for the evening is due to:

  • Our outgoing Presidents, Rachelle and Lucas who have been outstanding in their roles this year and deserve full credit for seeing through their vision for this event.
  • All of our debate competitors and those from our international team who bravely took the stage.
  • KPMG for their sponsorship and opportunities offered to our students.
  • ESPA for their kind support with the funding of the event.
  • Elena Michaelides whose support was invaluable on every level, from promotion of the event to setting out the hall, as well as dealing with unexpected technical hitches on the night itself!
  • George Venizelos for his role as caretaker and onsite presence.
  • Maria Pericleous for the wonderful photos.

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