2018 English School Science Fair

22 May 2018

Science Fair 2018
Science Fair 2018
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Does eye colour affect vision? Is Coca-Cola lying to us? Do plants like asprin? What makes carob syrup so good? 

These are some of the questions that our year 3 students investigated, worked on, and presented at the 2018 English School Science Fair.  Over 60 budding young scientists participated in this very successful and super exciting event.  All the projects demonstrated great effort, and the participants received commendations. The competition to be one of the top 3 projects was fierce. 

Our students showed great creativity. Many of the experiments were innovative as well as scientifically sound.  The group “Travel with the Sounds” constructed a device that enabled sound waves to be seen by using laser light pulses.  “5 second rule” safely tested the microbial growth on food that had been left on the ground in different areas of the school, and healthy living was emphasised by “How does smoking affect your health?”
Dynamic demonstrations were involved in “Meteorites and Craters” as well as “Calorimetry”.
Our Winners were:
1st Place: “Testing The Range Of Video Signal from DJ Spark Drone To Antenna”
2nd Place: “Pressure In Liquids”
3rd Place: “Eddy Current Braking System”
Well done to all students, and big thanks to the Year 3 science teachers as well as the 3 judges for all your hard work.

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