Nicosia Private Schools Athletics Competition

25 Feb. 2019

Nicosia Private Schools Athletics Competition
Nicosia Private Schools Athletics Competition
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The Junior Boys and Girls Athletics Team participated in the Nicosia Private Schools Athletics Competition which took place at the Grammar School on Wednesday 13th February 2019.

Our athletes showed great determination, achieving the below results: 

Junior Boys:

80m Georgios Shiakallis – 2nd Place
Efstathios Elia – 6th Place
150m Ioannis Vassili – 4th Place
Andreas Ioannou – 5th Place
300m Paris Hadjikyriakou - 2nd Place
Theofanis Stylianou – 3rd Place
Nicolas Lees – 4th Place
600m Manos Kourris – 1st Place
Andreas Kalimeras – 3rd Place
1000m Vasilis Christodoulou – 1st Place
Andreas Pattichis – Did not Finish
100m Hurdles Charalampos Liveris – 1st Place
Andreas Matsis – 2nd Place
Long Jump Christos Economides – 3rd Place
Giorgos Portokalides – 4th Place
High Jump Antreas Gialeli – 1st Place
Georgios Vasilopoulos – 3rd Place
Relay 4 x 100m Nicos Chattalas – 2nd Place
Ioannis Vassili
Efstathios Elia
Georgios Shiakallis

Junior Girls:
80m  1. Xanthi Alkistis
2.   Rodhia Antonia
150m 1. Riga Artemis Spyridoulla
2. Georgiou Andrea Ioanna– 2nd Place
300m 1. Makriyianni Joanna - 2nd Place
2. Eliadou Olivia
600m 1. Panayi Katerina – 2nd Place
2. Koutentaki Olympia Maria – 3rd Place
1000m 1. Mouradian Isabel  – 2nd Place
2. Makriyianni Lily
100m Hurdles 1. Photiadou Zoe  – 1st Place
2. Maroudia Louissa Maria – 2nd Place
Long Jump 1. Thanassa Maria  – 2nd Place
2. Fani Efthyvoulou Nikoleta
High Jump 1. Peletie Athena   – 2nd Place
2. Constantinidou Nikol
Relay 4 x 100m 1. Georgiou Andrea Ioanna – 2nd Place
2. Rodhia Antonia
3. Riga Artemis Spyridoulla
4. Xanthi Alkistis


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