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23 Jun. 2020

News from our Economics Society
News from our Economics Society
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​The Economics department is delighted to announce the success of our students in the extracurricular activities in which we have participated through the Economics Society programmes.

Two of our Year 7 students, Orestis Patsalides and Constantinos Zachariades have been awarded bronze medals in the Pancyprian Economics Olympiad which is organised by the Pancyprian Union of Economics Teachers. The teacher responsible for coaching our students is Mr Tryfonas Hadjichristophorou.
The Economics Olympiad Club which started operating in the current academic year aims to prepare our students for a written examination on technical areas, relating to the Political Economy Pancyprian exam. The Olympiad runs on a Pancyprian basis and the papers are marked by the University of Cyprus, a fact which enhances the credibility of our student's skills and abilities as well as the commitment of our teachers in promoting excellence.
In addition, nine of our Year 6 students, Ioanna Eleftheriades, Maria Ioannides, Maria Stylianou, Danae Xanthi, Ioanna Antoniou, Eva Michael, Anastasia Amvrosiou, Miranda Hadjigavriel and Tassos Anastasiades have been awarded gold category metalsone of which is ranked 2nd Pancyprian, in the Research by Students Competition, organised by the University of Nicosia. The teacher responsible for coaching our students is Mr Panayiotis Kkailas.
The Economic Research Club started operating in the current academic year and essentially aims to prepare students for conducting dissertation-scale projects well before our students begin their University studies. Our students participated with two 7000 word papers titled “Optimising Externality Reduction in the Electricity Market: a Cyprus Case Study on Bioelectricity” and “Measuring the Economic Costs of Car Accidents in Cyprus”. The papers met the success criteria of a dissertation as they were marked externally by academics who examined the students' bibliographies and quality of writing.
The Economics department is extremely proud of the exceptional achievements of our students and staff. The society has verified The English School recognition at a Pancyprian Economic Level and has proven once more that our school’s quote “Non sibi sed scholae” is a legacy which we are committed to maintaining.

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