Forging Lifetime Friendships

15 Sept. 2020

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At the beginning of each academic year, The English School collaborates with Club Jubilee in Troodos to provide an exciting educational trip whose aim is to ensure that our Year 1 students bond with their classmates and develop their social skills. 

Jubilee in a time of COVID brought forth many challenges.  The School and Club Jubilee made adjustments to provide the children with an exciting and unique day trip with all Health and Safety protocols in place.  Our Year 1 Boys had their adventure on Wednesday, 2nd September while our Year 1 Girls on Friday, 4th September. English School teachers accompanied the children to lovely Troodos, where the adept and experienced Club Jubilee staff then successfully facilitated the bonding activities in the mountains.

The bus ride home buzzed with the sound of happy children.  It was amazing how many new friendships had formed, friendships that will last a lifetime.   We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Club Jubilee, the teachers that accompanied our students, and all involved in the planning of this fantastic day out.

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