Jubilee Workshop, September 2019

10 Sept. 2019

Year 1 Boys - Jubilee Club
Year 1 Boys - Jubilee Club
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Education is also fun and we love organizing fun activities for our students.  This is an opportunity for them to bond with their peers and teachers as well as develop their social skills.

Our collaboration with Club Jubilee continues once again this year.  Providing a special two-day program for our students to bond together, marking the start of the new academic year.  

Our students were accompanied by their teachers, however, the program was administered by the Club Jubilee Staff who have for over 25 years successfully provided children with the opportunity to experience fun activities in the Troodos Mountains.

Coming back it was amazing how many new friendships formed, friendships that usually last a lifetime. 

A big thank you to Club Jubilee, the teachers that accompanied our students and to our student helpers that took time from their programmes to help younger students.

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