Hungry for Change Week

08 Nov. 2019

Hungry for change
Hungry for change
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In October, The English School did its yearly charity week which included a food and bedding drive for Caritas. Caritas is an organisation in Cyprus that serves the poor, vulnerable and marginalised regardless of religion ethnicity or nationality.

Students donated non-perishable food, blankets, pillows and winter clothing all week long.
A group of students from Years 4 to 6 volunteered to collect, store and sort the donated items after school.
Sophia Foundation also came one day during the week to sell their goods during both breaks and sold €400 worth of items in 40 minutes.
Finally, the week ended with a Bake Sale by Global Perspectives students who managed to raise €382 from selling their delicious baked good. This money has been donated to Caritas.
We’re proud of our students who are always willing to be a part of a giving and caring community.
Ioanna Nicolaou (Greek) and Luzdary Hammad-Stavrou (Global Perspectives)

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