Year 3 Assembly: Hope for Children

07 Dec. 2017

Hope for children
Hope for children
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On Tuesday, 5th December we were honoured to welcome on our campus: Dr. Antonis Stylianou, Senior Advisor of the Board (Hope for Children, Cyprus) and Ms. Dialechti Chatzoudi (psychologist).

Our Year 3 students were informed about the “Choose Hope” campaign, which is organised to celebrate Children’s Day (20th of November).
Through the campaign, the Centre, aims to promote the feelings of joy and happiness. The blue noses are a fundamental element of the campaign, which symbolise hope and sensitivity towards children. With a simple gesture of love, wearing a blue nose, the organisation seeks to transfer to everyone the message of “Choose Hope”.

During both 1st and 2nd break near the canteen area our Hope for Children Ambassadors and their trainers were selling these.  It was wonderful to see how many students actually supported this campaign.

In the afternoon, during the scheduled Hope for Children meeting the team said goodbye Ms Fanni Matyok, their mentor since September.  The students and Ms. Maro Polydorou organised a small goodbye party with cake.  We would like to thank Ms. Matyok for here excellent support and to wish her every best for the future.  She most certainly will be missed! 


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