Summer 2020 - Autumn 2020 Sophocles’ Antigone

20 Sept. 2020

Sophocles’ Antigone
Sophocles’ Antigone
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  • Maria Eirini Liodis -Antigone 
  • Phedias Psaras - Creon
  • Dafni Stavrides  - Chorus 
  • Stelios Sycallides 
Adaptation and direction:
  • Maro Polydorou 
  • Maria Pericleous

Moral values, written laws, strong characters, stubbornness and lack of communication are just a few of the challenges four different personalities had to study in-depth and then experiment on stage and play their part. Every rehearsal was an initiation journey to the past which inevitably brought us down to the present realizing that “Antigone” is and will always be a contemporary play. 

Aristotle claims that a strong piece of art stirs and releases emotions bringing Catharsis to the hearts of the audience. We believe that we have respected the Aristotelian term - in fact taking into account the response from the audience we have succeeded to a great extent. 
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we were limited to a small audience. Thank you for accepting and sharing with us two very special 2020 afternoons. 

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