News from our Greek Debate Club

10 Mar. 2020

Greek Debate Club
Greek Debate Club
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On the 12th February, our Greek Debate Club was invited by the non-profit organisation REACTION, within the framework of the Athens National Educational Program to a Greek Debate.

The event’s primary objectives were to bring Cypriot youth together. Through discussion, they would learn about Higher Education in Cyprus, changes in the educational system, student life and other relevant issues faced by our youth.   
Eight members of Greek Debate Club accompanied by their teacher Ms Vivian Polyzogopoulou attended this very productive discussion. Eight directors of the Public and Private Universities were available to answer students questions.
Maria Anna Tsouka (3J) represented our School on the panel.
Other members that took part were:
Kyriaki Pifani 3G
Steleana Anastasiou 3B
Antreana Kaplani 3B
Alexandros Sophocleous 2B
Maria Koutta 2G
Emilia Karmioti 2G
Andriana Georgiou 2G
Our students were very well-behaved and ambassadors of The English School. 
Well done. 

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