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07 May 2018

Greek Debate Club
Greek Debate Club
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On the 27th March the members of the Greek Debate club of our School welcomed to our school Mr Chris Triantafyllides, a well-respected lawyer and an exceptional public speaker, who is also an ES graduate.

Μr Triantafyllides gave a truly interesting and thought-provoking presentation to the students about the art of persuasion in the legal profession. He discussed different aspects of speaking in court, such as the structure of an argumentative speech, the intonation and the importance of adequate preparation not just for the case but for the oral presentation as well.

At the end of the presentation, the members of the Greek Debate club asked Mr Triantafyllides meaningful and memorable questions that raised the issues of commitment, dedication, honesty and integrity of a lawyer in Cypriot courts.

 It was undoubtedly an exciting experience for the enthusiastic junior students of the Debate club, whether they aspire to become lawyers or influential public speakers! ​


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