24 Mar. 2020

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‘Grease’ has been the word ever since the film hit the screen back in 1978. 

No wonder we chose to stage it back in 2005 with a super cast, live band and real car on stage in the School Hall.  This year’s school’s production of the musical – Grease 20202 -  has once again proved that ‘Grease’ is STILL the word!

During two electric performances on Saturday, February 15th at the recently refurbished Nicosia Municipal Theatre, the cast, musicians and crew once more given us a memorable English School show. They transported the audience back in time, to a world of leather jackets, swing skirts, hot rod cars, and lots of hair grease.

The live band on stage added to the excitement of the show and brought all the music to life, the dancers were full of energy and the crew worked fast to keep up with the set and costume changes.

The show kicked off with the familiar tune of ‘Sandy’, followed by the uplifting song “Grease is the word’, which set the tone for the rest of the show. During the first act, the audience was treated to many catchy songs such as ‘Summer Nights’, ‘Hopelessly Devoted’ and ‘Sandra Dee’. The T-Birds and Pink Ladies captivated the audience with their fantastic chemistry and energetic performance.

One of the most memorable moments was ‘Greased Lightning’ when the curtains opened up to reveal a real shiny red American convertible car on stage.
The beginning of the second act made everyone to want to get up and do the Hand Jive and Shake it at the High School Hop. These were followed by brilliant and unique renditions of loved songs such as ‘Beauty school dropout’, ‘There are worse things I could do’ and everyone’s favourite, ‘You’re the one that I want’.
With phenomenal singing and dancing, Grease 2020 was a standout show and it did a fantastic job of portraying the culture at the time of the ’50s and addressing as timeless issues like peer pressure and teen rebellion. Above all it made all to want to sing and dance
Through many comic moments, fantastic one-liners, heartfelt dancing, the cast and never failed to keep the audience engaged in the excitement this cult musical has to offer.

A big congratulations to all the students who worked tirelessly over many months to give us these amazing performances! Exciting and charming at the same time, Grease 2020 shone like lightnin’! 

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