French Song Competition

10 Dec. 2020

French Competition
French Competition
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Akile Sogandji 3Yellow participated in the French songwriting competition.  Read why she participated below. 

There are a lot of reasons why I wanted to enter the “I need air” songwriting competition in French. The first reason that comes to my mind is that I wanted to get involved in something around the school and have an experience about something that I had never done before. The second reason is that I saw this as an opportunity to expand my French vocabulary and the theme “I need air” really interested me. It was an exciting theme for me because I was able to use this sentence as a metaphor within my song so that I could think about this sentence in several different concepts. The process of writing my song was enjoyable; I spent a lot of time writing the lyrics in English and finding a chorus. I managed to translate it into French and Madame Crambert; my French teacher helped me correct my mistakes.
Akile Sogandji 3Yellow

We wish you all the best with this endeavour.

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