Moscow 2019 - 6th National Session of EYP Russia

07 Dec. 2019

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On November 13th my EYP experience in Moscow began. Along with another friend we stepped in as international delegates from Cyprus. 

I met this friend of mine in the first-ever EYP day in Cyprus. We remained acquaintances until we met again in the 13th national session of Cyprus. We went through the experience together and came out as close friends. Going to Moscow with him we both had expectations for the session as it was our second national. However, the outcome cannot be compared with any other EYP experience since every session is unique. I left the session with a smile, memories, satisfaction, once in a lifetime experiences, worldwide friends and the need to partake in more such events. Looking back at the Russian session, I can say that a reason why EYP never fails to amaze me is that it is a place where special individuals from diverse backgrounds, gather together and unite. It encourages agreement through expression and accord.  Anyone has the opportunity to shine and the skills gained contribute highly to boosting self-confidence. I will not hesitate to apply to more sessions in the future. 


Aecaterini Loizidou 6B

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