EU Back to School Initiative

05 Dec. 2018

EU Back to School Initiative
EU Back to School Initiative
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On Saturday the 1st December 40 year 7 students with the Economics society participated in the EU back to school initiative. 

This involved a detailed presentation by Mr Anastasios Papandreou from the European Commission and a workshop led by Mr A. Papandreou on key EU topics. 
Students were divided into 6 groups and they had to investigate different areas such as brexit and the impact on the EU, Energy chains in the EU, sovereign wealth funds, transport in Europe and many other economic and social topics. 
Students then presented to the group and discussions followed. 
Application to the real world was the main goal of the challenging workshop.
The Economics Department wishes to thank Mr A. Papandreou for all his hard work in preparing the workshop, the year 7 for their excellent participation, ESPA for sponsoring the drinks and snacks, Ms E. Michaelides for her supporting role in the organizing of the event, Ms Grouta for supporting the event with her presence and help throughout the whole workshop, Ms M. Pericleous for taking time out of her Saturday to take pictures (see photos),  Ms U. Pantelides for attending and supporting the event.  Ms E. Papandreou for the initial contact. 
Finally, the Economics Department would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year 2019. 

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