Rising to the Challenge? Absolutely!

11 May 2020

Dare to be an entrepreneur!
Dare to be an entrepreneur!
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The English School Junior Achievement Club is proud of the accomplishments of its companies!  BALDEM, CICLO and QUICKLINK are all in the top 10 companies proceeding to the last stage of the Junior Achievement Cyprus Company of the Year Competition.  The National Winner will represent Cyprus in the European Competition of student companies which will take place in July in Portugal.

Back in September, a group of twenty-one students decided to step out of their school comfort zone and into the unknown land of entrepreneurship. They formed teams, brainstormed on ideas, assessed their ideas, brainstormed some more, tried things out, run into obstacles, pivoted. They went through disappointments, heated discussions, got out of themselves and talked to potential clients, investors, mentors, advisors. Then everything was ready for their plan to roll out. Many hours of hard work, presentations, selling shares, getting feedback, placing orders! -enthusiasm! Getting prepared for the Trade Fair, the opportunity to showcase their work, make sales, let the world know. Then came the COVID-19 pandemic pushed the challenge to another level. Giving up is always an option, but not for entrepreneurs. Having experienced the joy of creating solutions to serve their clients, having committed to their dream and their team, they couldn’t just stop; there has to be another way. These teenagers rose to the challenge and created their next step forward.  

BALDEM, CICLO and QUICKLINK offer different products and services. It is worth meeting them on their social media channels and finding more about their work.
What all three of them have in common is that they are purpose-driven companies who not only serve their customers but also serve their communities and society at large. Student entrepreneurs are leading us in a business world where respect, ethics and sustainability matter. They deserve our admiration.

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