Erasmus + End-of-Project Ceremony

23 May 2018

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The End-of-Project ceremony for the current Erasmus+ project took place on Thursday the 17th of May  in the Lecture Theatre.

Students and teachers who worked on this project for the last three years presented their work and demonstrated what a positive impact this project had on students.
Our Headmaster, Mr David Lambon, members of the management team and Parents were present while certificates of attendance were given out to students.
Warm thanks were addressed to all those who contributed locally to the project: the students for their commitment, the Erasmus + teachers for their devotion, other teachers who assisted during the Erasmus+ week or throughout the year and academics who came to the school to run workshops when our partners visited our school in September 2016, the European University for their invaluable contribution with several workshops at their premises, the Microsoft Innovation Centre for their interesting workshop on creating a video game and the University of Nicosia for the pilot study on Entrepreneurship in April 2017. Much appreciation also to the administrative staff who were involved, the accompanying persons for the students’ safety in travelling and, last but not least, the parents who were the most important pillar of this project with their support and their presence at all times.
The Project raised awareness regarding values and ethics in life or online for the starting year 2 students. As they continued in year 3 they were initiated into the theme of Internet safety and the use of digital technology with its variable applications and this gave them opportunities to experience the various areas of digital technology. The final stage in year 4 offered students the opportunity to develop skills in entrepreneurship while the focus was their future and awareness in how they themselves could shape it while seeking a place in the future world of work.
Interacting online, creating together through distance and hosting or meeting with their partner peers from Norway, Finland, Germany, Poland, Spain and Portugal, the Erasmus+  students  extended their social skills to an international level and deepened their understanding of their wider European space and world. They developed a sense of diplomatic relationships between partners, widened their personal network of connections internationally and made friendships for life.
Katia Solomidou

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