El Sistema Cyprus

28 Jan. 2021

El Sistema Cyprus
El Sistema Cyprus
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A quote of inspiration for El Sistema Cyprus: “I would teach music, physics and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning”- Plato.

On Sunday the 8th of November a group of music students (Stathis Elia 5R, Ioannis Skordis 6B, Panos Milios 4J, Constantinos Hadjiprocopiou 7B, Eleonora Savvidou 7J) attended a truly inspiring presentation at the Peace House in Ledra Street, the base of El Sistema Nicosia. The program director, Nikoletta Polydorou and conductor, Santiago Ossa Alzate presented to us the history and philosophy of El Sistema Cyprus, followed by practical sessions including methodology, working with their current repertoire and how to be a mentor. This was followed by subsequent visits where we had the opportunity to join the students of the orchestra and participate in teaching and rehearsals.

El Sistema Cyprus is a social-music orchestral and choir program providing accessible music education to children and young people living in challenging circumstances including migrants and refugees. The philosophy and vision behind the creation of El Sistema is to offer free music education that provides the opportunity for personal development, where children and young people can be empowered to achieve their dreams within an environment that fosters respect, inclusion and equality. The young students and teachers describe it as if belonging to one big family.

We felt really inspired by this program which underlines the meaning and power of music. To learn more about their work and how to support it, visit their website https://www.sistemacyprus.com

Eleonora Savvidou, 7J


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