Amazing job by our Year 1 Students

02 Feb. 2017

DT - Creating a clock
DT - Creating a clock
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In the Year 1 Design and Technology curriculum, students need to design and produce their own wall mounted or free standing clock. The outcome from our Year 1 group was amazing!

“The power of yes: that’s what allows creativity to breathe and to come in.  That’s what allows your ideas to become living, breathing, moving dreams in action.” – Jason Mraz
That is exactly what our Year 1 students did, they were given a task to create a wall or free standing clock.  They embraced the challenge!
They started by creating putting their ideas on paper, creating mood boards, considering their audience (market), considered what raw material were available to use, ensuring to document everything they were doing and thinking.
After they were happy that all looked well on paper, they started to create and shine!  These amazing clocks are now on display in their Form Rooms.
Enjoy the photos!  More photos will be added soon.

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