Drama GCSE Devised

09 Dec. 2019

Drama GCSE Devised
Drama GCSE Devised
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On Monday 2nd December the Drama GCSE exam class performed their Devised piece titled Safety in Numbers.

 A girl, a lawyer, an architect, a mother and a construction worker. None of them saw it. At Holloway Road Station somewhere in the near future, amidst the bustle of the crowd, 17-year-old Elijah Tade is murdered at plain sight. A determined young detective who takes up his case digs deep in order to track down the perpetrator of the crime, interrogating the five suspects who were there while it happened, only to uncover a deeper, darker truth about the society she lives in. Safety in Numbers quickly turns into a case about the rise of a culture of apathy in an increasingly numbed and detached world.
The style of this piece was inspired by the renowned Theatre Practitioner Bertolt Brecht.
Congratulations to all of the students who took part!

Angeliki Giorgalli-Girl ‘’I genuinely enjoyed everything about this piece, from the innumerable hours of hard work and the little squabbles, to our giggles and the flashes of jubilation after coming up with great ideas. This process ushered me more deeply into the nature of theatre and helped me grow not only as an actress but as a more creative person as well.’’

Feidias Psaras-Lawyer ‘’The most important part of Devising for me was teamwork. Knowing how passionate our group is for this project, our biggest achievement throughout this whole process was being able to cooperate in a way that allowed us to combine everyone’s vision and create a piece that is altogether cohesive, genuine and substantial.’’

Andreas Marcou-Architect ‘’Devising was a rollercoaster of emotions. Both stress and joy have come to play when directing an original performance. It is this mixture that has shaped our dynamics as a group and morphed our creativity. Devising taught me that there is no formula for making theatre. All it takes is a stupid fight, an accidental sound, a sudden move. Anything really.’’

Alexia Demetriou-Mother ‘’The Drama GCSE Devising process was a complicated yet highly rewarding experience which has enabled me to develop a deeper understanding about the art of performing and directing a play. Through it, I realised what it is like to ‘devise’ a play and how a theatrical piece can be born exclusively through improvisation and a series of spontaneous yet crucial decisions.’’

Renos Zachariades-Construction Worker ‘’Devising has been such a unique experience. Having the chance to unleash all your creativity and passion as a team into this one piece of theatre is just a remarkable feeling. Scripted theatre is great but the satisfaction you get from knowing that what you have achieved has been, purely, a result of hard-work, commitment and team-work makes devising an unforgettable experience.’’

Olga Fougala Metaxa-Detective ‘’Honestly, at the beginning I really didn’t think we could create a finished piece. But we did! We pulled together and created something I really came to love. Through a lot of laughing, crying and frustrating hours, we grew as a group of people I call an odd sort of family and got to where we are tonight. I hope you enjoy this labour of love!’’
Special Thanks

  • Fotis Lambrou-Lights
  • Guzay Ozverir-Sound
  • Maria Pericleous-Photos
  • Yiannos Nearchou & Odysseas-Video
Drama Teacher
Athena Agroti

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