Olympia Maria Koutentaki 2Y participating in the CTY Summer Programme in Dublin.

12 May 2019

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In December, The English School were pleased to host the CTY  (Centre for Talented Youth) teaser and exams.

We were very pleased to find out that one of our very own students, Olympia Maria Koutentaki 2Y was successful during the exams and has been given the opportunity to participate in a CTY Summer Medicine course.  She will be travelling to Dublin and will be there for three weeks.
The CTY Summer Programme is for young people aged between 12 and 16 years, who have been identified as having the high academic ability (95th percentile in mathematical and/or verbal reasoning).  The programme offers enrichment courses, which take the form of 3-week academic programmes.  CTY is a programme under the wing of the John Hopkins University in the USA.
Students choose from a wide range of courses, usually only seen at university level learning. The programme offers these students classes that run at a much faster pace, with high-level course material.
Well done Olympia Maria!

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