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23 Apr. 2019

Creative Writing Poetry Conference - Lefkara
Creative Writing Poetry Conference - Lefkara
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Five of our Year 3 students participated in the Creative Writing Poetry Conference held on Friday and Saturday 12th and 13th April at Lefkara. 

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the following five students of Year 3,

  1. Markos Televantos 3Y
  2. Danae Demetriade 3W
  3. Elena Pattichi 3G
  4. Marina Ioannou 3W
  5. Persefoni Neofytou 3W
These students represented our School and the Greek Creative Writing Club last Friday and Saturday 12th and 13th April at this very interesting, well-organised and productive Student Conference ('The dream in childhood and adolescence Literature') in Lefkara.

Our students achieved an excellent presentation and left outstanding impressions about their ethos, behaviour and skills to everyone involved.
Most of all, they managed to get socialised, exchange ideas and thoughts and build new friendships with students from all over Cyprus (from Polis Chrisochous to Solea) and enjoyed the marvellous hospitality of Lefkara village and its residents. 
Special thanks to the Creative Writing Club of our school, who prepared the biggest part of our presentation and gave us inspiration throughout and to the Senior Management Team, who supported and encouraged our participation in an event of such importance.  

We hope you enjoy the video.



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