BBQ in Neverland

20 Feb. 2017

BBQ in Neverland
BBQ in Neverland
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The Barbecue on Saturday 18th February was a great success and everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed themselves! 

The Science Building was full of people and students from all year groups who were socialising together, eating together,  and enjoying the many activities that were meticulously organised by The Student Council and the Year 7 Leavers. It was a fun-packed evening where many of our students had the opportunity to display their musical and dance talents as well as their creative- thinking and problem-solving skills. Students and staff   socialised amongst themselves in the familiar surroundings of their  second home. The behaviour of our students was impeccable, once again!!

A big THANK YOU goes to our Students Leaders (Camilla, Sophia, Filios and Athos) who worked very hard to put this together and to the Student Council members for their support and impressive team-work. Also thank you to the  Year 7 Leavers, ESPA Council members, teachers and parents  who offered their help and attended the event.

A special Thank you goes  to ESPA Council without whom this event would not have been possible. There were very positive comments about the quality of their cooking skills – the  kebabs were delicious!  We are pleased to say that the little food that was left was donated to the Agioi Omologites Home for the Elderly, "Melathro Agapis". 

This event was co-organized by the 2017 leavers and The English School Parents Association (ESPA)and with the kind support of Pizza Hut, Jamie's Italian Restaurants, KissFm, Phileleftheros and Ioannides Supermarkets

A big thank you goes to all for an amazing BBQ! 

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