An amazing start for our Astronomy Club

06 Oct. 2017

Telescope Lesson
Telescope Lesson
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​September is a fantastic month for Astronomy, and here at The English School we took every advantage of the past month. 

The weather is warm, the skies are clear, and we are as enthusiastic as ever. We have a large membership and it is growing stronger daily.

Here is a selection of photos of our activities so far, this year, observations of the Sun, Moon and Saturn, and the lecture: Cassini’s Finale which involved a 3 way Skype talk between NASA, KITION PLANETARIUM & OBSERVATORY and The English School. Talking to the NASA Cassini Scientist Ms Lisa McHugh was inspiring.  She built many of the instruments aboard the 20-year mission which ended on 15th of September. 

The English School would like to thank KITION PLANETARIUM & OBSERVATORY for providing us with the opportunity to speak with her.

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