Gabriel's Oboe

31 Mar. 2021

Art Week Day 1-4
Art Week Day 1-4
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During Arts Week our music students are paying tribute to a film composer of truly exceptional talent and vision, Ennio Morricone, who sadly passed away last summer. 

They are performing an arrangement of one of his most famous pieces, “Gabriel’s Oboe” from the movie ‘The Mission’. Morricone was a visionary who never settled for the expected and familiar. His music is spectacularly diverse: from classical, jazz, pop, progressive, electronic, avant-garde and he has produced music of every flavour for almost every imaginable kind of movie.

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Andreas Nicolaou 6W, oboe
Efstathios Elia 5R, violin
Ioannis Skordis 6B violin
Anna Monoyiou 7Y, piano
Eleonora Savvidou 7J, cello

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