African Drumming = energy, team spirit, respect!

04 Nov. 2018

Students drumming circle
Students drumming circle
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During the first 5 weeks of the term, Year 3 students explored the main musical features of African music during their music lessons. 

The students combined their learning of polyrhythms and call and response to compose and perform an African-inspired composition. 
Music teachers and the A Level music class attended an African Drumming Workshop with Mrs Agni Sakka, specialist on African Drumming. We then acted as master drummers and formed drum circles in 3rd form music classes. Students participated actively by performing, among other activities, the work 'Sowah's Sequence'. We may not have authentic djembes, but we had as much fun performing on plastic buckets!!
On Monday 15th October, Year 3 students had an assembly on African music. Mrs Agni Sakka presented and performed African instruments and sang African songs for the students.

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