Acoustic Night – Testing, testing, 1 2 3 – we can hear you loud and clear!

07 Feb. 2019

Acoustic Night 2019
Acoustic Night 2019
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​On Sunday 3rd February over 120 English School students packed into the ESOBGA clubhouse for an evening of spontaneous music performances.

Students were invited to the stage by “chilled” compere Jason Hadjiloizou and played in an informal and impromptu concert, using only a couple of microphones and amplifiers.
All styles – rock, pop, classical, improvisations and original compositions were heard, with many unique and never-heard-before combinations.

Food was generously provided by Burger King and altogether the evening hit the right note.

Acoustic Night is here to stay – can’t wait for next year!
Our thanks to:
ESOBGA council
ESPA Council
Burger King
Mr and Mrs Tchalikian
Mr and Mrs Prepis
Mrs Pericleous for photographs


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