Pancyprian Geography Competition results

13 Aug. 2018

Pancyprian Geography Competition
Pancyprian Geography Competition
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The Cyprus Geographical Association announced the names of the four students that will represent Cyprus in the iGeo Olympiad in Quebec City in August.

Results of the Pancyprian Geography Competition for the selection of the team to participate in the 2018 International Geography Olympiad in Quebec City are:

  1. Athena Eftychiou - The English School, Nicosia
  2. Gorkem Ataben- The English School,  Nicosia
  3. Christos Petrou - The G.C. School of Careers, Nicosia
  4.  Andreas Paphitis- The Grammar School, Nicosia
  1. Christina Stavrou - The English School, Nicosia
  2. Michail - Arion Tellalis - The English School, Nicosia
Background of the success of our Students:
  • In 2016/17 The English School students in winning the three out of the top four National spots represented Cyprus at the 2017 iGeo in Beijing China where they won two sliver and one bronze medal.
  • Our A-Level Geography continued this outstanding performance in 2017/18 by winning all four top sports in the Pancyprian Geography Competition and represented Cyprus at the Belgrade, Serbia iGeo competition in 2017 winning two bronze medals.
  • This year, the top two scoring students on the Pancyprian Geography Competition were again from our school (as seen above).   Mr Boyiadjian will accompany our two students in August 2018 at Quebec Canada representing Cyprus for a week-long iGeo competition.  It is important to note that the Ministry of Education, in recognition of the importance of the above achievement, will cover, for the second year running, the cost of flights.
Congratulations to all students for their outstanding performance!

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