13th National Session of EYP Cyprus

06 Oct. 2019

The English School at the 13th National Session of EYP Cyprus
The English School at the 13th National Session of EYP Cyprus
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Six delegates were chosen to represent The English School at the 13th National Session of EYP Cyprus, 28 to 31 of August in Cyprus.

The theme of the session was “Engaging, Connecting and Empowering”.
Our six delegates from year 6, Togay Ata Gokalp, Emily Wallerstrom, Emily Petrou, Constantinos Paschalis, Chloe Tserioti and Lygia Kazamia were active participants who thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Congratulations to all our EYP team for their hard work and dedication!
From this National Session, three of our delegates, Togay Ata Gokalp, Emily Wallerstrom and Constantinos Paschalis, were selected to represent EYP Cyprus to the 92nd International Session of EYP, Milano 2020. They were selected by an external Jury team including an international delegation that evaluated delegates and their performance individually. The Jury did not have access to data revealing the individual delegates' schools at any point and the grouping of delegations was done after the selection had been concluded. 
Congratulations on this prestigious achievement!
Here is what some of our delegates this year have to say:
“The 13th National Session of EYP was one of the most fun, yet challenging experiences I had the joy of participating in. My patience, cooperation and debating skills, were all put to the test, which made the end result of it even more rewarding. EYP incorporates the perfect balance between academia and creating life-long memories. I will pursue EYP in the future, and hopefully, travel across Europe to meet like-minded people that share the same passion as I do.”

  • Emily Wallerstrom
“The 13th National session of EYP Cyprus definitely exceeded my expectations! Everything was perfectly organised to welcome all of us, the delegates and the officials. Looking back to this unforgettable experience I really cherish every single moment of committee work, which even though at times was quite intense, gave me the opportunity to express my views on a wide range of topics which in one way or another affect all of us. Not only that, but even after so many hours of resolution writing everyone -well most of us- was still in a great mood and we met with our friends at the lobby, had a chat and did some preparations for the next day. Most importantly, I created some of the best and genuine friendships with people all over Cyprus and Europe.”
  • Lygia Kazamia
“The national session for me was the embodiment of joy, good energy and faith in the brilliance of young people. In those 4 days, insecurities became strengths and strangers became family. It was truly an honour to represent my school on the way.”
  • Emily Petrou
After their participation in the National Session, all six students will apply their knowledge and experience to instruct younger students of year 4 and year 5. They will be Chair leaders in the Internal General Assembly and Inter-School Nicosia where newcomers are divided into committees. For two months, Chairs will guide their committees with Team Building and Committee Work activities until the committee write their resolution.
This school year 2019-2020 we have the pleasure to have four members of the Board of our EYP Club at the school, that will be leading the Chairs, Committees and the General Assemblies. Congratulations as well to Emily Vrahimi, Athina Stavrou, Androniki Charalambous and Cleopatra Pierides from year 7.
Soon, more news of the European Youth Parliament at the English School, as we have more events coming up, delegations & individual going abroad to Milan, Russia and more. Keep it up EYPers and go represent Cyprus and our school abroad!
Luzdary Hammad_Stavrou (13th National Session Coordinator)
Virginia Rengel (EYP ES Club Coordinator)

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