AV Ancient World competition

08 Oct. 2019

Pictured ancient drum roll
Pictured ancient drum roll
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Two of our students Anna Petrides and Stelios Sycallides successfully participated in the  AV Competition.

(source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tympanum_(hand_drum)…)

This is what was posted on "The Greeks, the Romans and Us: Classics at Cambridge": AV Competition time! After a brief hiatus (blame the heat) we're back with our three fabulous winning entries. We'll be following these up with some more videos that deserve honourable mention (you're a talented bunch!) so watch this space.
Pictured ancient drum roll 

This is what our students had to say:
Participating in the Cambridge Classics Department Audio-visual competition was pretty amazing. I must admit I had mixed emotions at first when Stelios shared his idea with me - once we started working on the project though, I absolutely loved it. Bringing to life the reconstructed score of the first stasimon of Euripides’ ancient play ‘ Orestes&rsquo, was a majestic journey through ancient discord. I am eternally thankful to Stelios and Sarkis for this opportunity as well as our teachers that supported us throughout.
Anna Petrides

Winning an honourable mention in a Classics contest organised by the University of Cambridge was certainly a huge honour for us, especially when considering that it was the first time a team from our school took part! The performance of music from the fifth century B.C. was a hugely exciting activity, and both Anna Petrides and I really enjoyed working through it. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sarkis Shadarevian for all his help with editing and uploading the video, as well as Ms Maro Polydorou for letting us know about the existence of the contest. We are also hugely grateful to Ms Efie Demosthenous, whose help was of vital importance to our entry for the contest.
Stelios Sycallides 

Well done to you both!  We are very proud of you.


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