Activities Listing

D&T Y3 Photos (Architectural)
During the first part of the school year, the students were working on their Architectural Projects in Design & Technology. 
D&T Year 1 - Clocks
Our Year 1 students have been busy creating their own clocks in Design & Technology. 
Tik Tok and virtual treasure hunt for year 2 and 3 French students
Having lessons at home does not mean you cannot be creative.
2 cellos, from home!
Sophia Kleopa (1B )and Eleonora Savvidou (6J) are rarely seen around the school without their cellos. 
D&T Year 2 – Wooden CAM Toys
Our Year 2 students have finished their Wooden CAM Toys in Design & Technology!
See photo video below of the amazing results!
Rising to the Challenge? Absolutely!
The English School Junior Achievement Club is proud of the accomplishments of its companies!  BALDEM, CICLO and QUICKLINK are all in the top 10 companies proceeding to the last stage of the Junior Achievement Cyprus Company of the Year Competition.  The National Winner will represent Cyprus in the European Competition of student companies which will take place in July in Portugal.
Year 3 Newsletter
​The Year 3 Pastoral Team took the initiative to put together highlights of the year in this fantastic newsletter, which was sent to the children as an Easter surprise. 
¿Quién? ¿Qué? ¿Dónde? - Who? What? Where?
Answer: Year 3 Students, Spanish Trip, Madrid!

​A trip to the capital of Spain Madrid took place from the 22nd to the 29th of February just before Spain imposed a lockdown. Although Spain had not recorded any deaths caused by the COVID-19 virus up to that point, the trip was organized taking all the necessary precautionary measures.
Year 1 - 3 Artists - Looking at life through a Creative Lens
Works include digital illustrations that were created using the online application/website ‘Silk’ and relate to this year's school magazine’s theme ‘Kaleidoscope’.
French students offer a glimmer of hope and make someone smile
Our French students in Years 5 to 7  participated in an initiative organised by the charity: “Une Lettre un sourire “ (a letter, a smile)  that sends letter to isolated old people in retirement houses in France, Canada, Switzerland or Belgium. 
French drawing competition online
Students from year 1 to year 6 from The English School participated in a drawing competition online organized by the French Institute in Nicosia. 
​12 Bar Blues Performance
Year 3 have been looking at repetition and pattern in music, and a big part of our year has been devoted to learning to play 12 bar blues.
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